Let’s discover Peru and Finland

Willka Peru Finlandia Ry wants to foster cultural activities regarding Peruvian heritage but also involving Finnish culture as a path for integration.

Let’s continue our cultural Mission

Willka’s mission is to promote Peruvian culture heritage in Finland such as gastronomy, dances, art workshops and much more…..

Let’s build together our Vision

Willka’s vision is continue cultivating our cultural legacy for future generations. Join us in our journey!

We cannot foster Peruvian culture alone. We need cultural ambassadors in Finland.

Evelyn Silva
President of Willka Peru Finlandia Ry

Willka wants to bring a sense of community to Peruvian-Finnish residents by a joint effort in cultural activities, also inviting to whom are interested to participate in our journey.

Let’s build a community together!

What are our main activities as cultural association?

Willka’s activities include workshops regarding Peruvian nature, traditional cloths runway, musical expressions through dances and yet, there is much more to share…Read more!

Know more about us in our Willka’s Blog

Do you want to know how are we landing our ideas in this cultural journey? Read our blog!

Did COVID-19 stop us?

Safety First! COVID-19 has dramatically impacted in our 2020 plan, nevertheless we will continue in our digital platforms. Be tuned!

About Us

We are a group of Peruvian Finnish citizens whose main goal is to foster culture with a sense of community in Finland

More info about the team

Willka’s Management Team

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Where we are

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