Willka’s Ambassadors

Our History

We are a group of persons with different backgrounds, our common grounds are our Peruvian heritage. Willka comes from Inca language, Quechua, and it means “Sacred”. Willka’s members have been promoting cultural activities in Finland through joyful workshops and traditional dances. Now, it is time to start a new journey to discover our endless of sacred treasures of Peru but at the same time knowing more of Finland. As a cultural association, we want to share and keep our roots alive by telling a story from a dance, a dish, a map, a fabric and many other sample of representations of our history with the purpose to invite Peruvian-Finnish residents to experience a piece of our art but also for whom have a piece of Peru in their hearts.

Willka’s Management Team

Evelyn Silva is a Finance lover, continuous learner, proud woman of Peru heritage. With Mochica roots, she feels strongly identified with Lady of Cao, the only woman governor discovered in our ancient culture. Always impressed by the endless cultural discoveries in Peru, she is proud to promote cultural activities for a Peruvian-Finnish community.

President and Strategy Developer in Willka.

Nieves Vuoristo is a proud Teacher, Feminist, passionate about traditional dances not only about Peru but also from other countries. Her origins come from The Andes but also very connected with The Jungle. She is an active person not only in Willka but also in other non-profit organizations.

Art Director

Janeth Matamoros passion is love for Peruvian dances and her work has been recognized not only for our community but also in other cultural associations in which she foster culture through musical expressions. Her roots lie in The Andes but she has endless talent for dances in different regions of our couuntry.

Musical Expressions Artist

Isabel Granados is a fighter, lover of languages and social sciences, lovely mother of two kids, history nerd and popular culture enthusiast. Identified with Wanka culture and raised in Lima’s old town, she learned to love all Criollo and Afro-Peruvian songs and rhythm.

Communication Manager

Angelica Begazo is an arts enthusiast, short story writer and singer from Callao, Peru, who has investigated the development of AfroPeruvian culture traced by its literature and representations. Her main passions are music and education and has developed significant programs to enhance the love for multicultural activities in early childhood ed.

Branding and Engagement Manager

Halley Salazar is a businesswoman, lifelong learner, dancer and music lover, she is proud of her Peruvian roots and passionate about Peruvian heritage in Finland.

Treasury and Internal Control Manager

Milton Untiveros, is an ambassador of Peruvian culture in Finland, history follower, Forest lover.

Reliable contributor in Willka.

Content Page

Evelyn Silva; Content Strategy Developer

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