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Our first journey, Willka Logo

The first thing when you start a non profit organization is define the mission and vision, a to find a suitable name that fits with that purpose. Willka comes from Inca Quechua language, and it means ” sacred”, a word that represents our Peruvian roots, our cultural heritage, but about the Logo that consolidates a rich and never ending list of treasures. Our first cultural journey starts here. Willka’s logo could not include all our history, however it expresses our three regions, coast, mountain and jungle,how? Ears and mouths refers to the coast, earrings are related to Mochica culture and mouth refers to old wood package for Pisco drink, the Anaconda, started as a symbol of our mountains but inverted, mainly our world wonder, Machu-Picchu, but became also our Amazonas river, do you see the similarities? The geometric eyes refer to our Kuelap culture but strongly to our Inca culture, last but not least, our duality, present in every Peruvian ancient culture, moon and sun.

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